Friday, April 30, 2010

Are our kids too fat to fight?

Too Fat to Fight

Public school lunches in the United States are known for being unhealthy, but do they pose a national security risk? A recent report released by an officers' group, Mission: Readiness, has declared the lunches we feed our children just that: unsafe for the country's security. Around 27% of American youth aged 17-24 are too overweight to join our armed forces, making it the leading medical reason that recruits are rejected from the military. While military officials recognize that the rejection of these young people has not yet affected recruitment goals, they warn that it may make a bigger difference in the future. A major contributor to the problem is the National School Lunch Program, which provides funding for lunches to schools across the country. The nutritional standards for these lunches have come under fire many times throughout history. The school lunch bill is currently awaiting Senate vote, which would provide $4.5 billion more over ten years for nutrition programs in schools.

Check out the Time article:,8599,1983230,00.html

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