Thursday, May 6, 2010

Concerns Up and Down the Food Chain

Since the recent oil spill from the Deepwater Horizion off the coast of Louisiana, there have been many concerns as to the overall well-being of creatures in the gulf coastal area. This article describes the consequences of this particular oil spill on the environment of the gulf area and further describes how the entire ecosystem is affected. For example, blue crab, one of the largest fishing crops out of Louisiana are being strongly affected by this oil spill. According to the article, the female blue crabs leave protection of the coast to breed at the sea. These crabs disperse fertilized eggs in the sea, hatching billions of tiny crabs invisible to the naked eye to drift for 40 days before ending back up in the marshes. In addition, spring is mating and spawning season for almost everything in the gulf and the components of crude oil can produce developmental deformities that are ultimately lethal to organisms in the wild.

- Richard

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