Thursday, May 6, 2010

Pie Ranch--Barn Dance May 15

Pie Ranch is a sustainable farm in Pescadero and every
third Saturday the Ranch hosts a workday followed by a pot luck and a barn dance. During the work day, they teach Bay Area students about sustainable agriculture and volunteers roll up their sleeves to help with harvesting wheat and berries, weeding the hedgerows, collecting chickens’ eggs, and more. After, there is a barn dance from 7-10pm with a caller and all kinds of dancing.

Workday: 2 pm
Potluck: 6 pm
Barn Dance: 7-10pm

Background on Pie Ranch: Since 2005, Pie Ranch has operated as a working farm, hosting youth from regional high schools to participate in farm-based programs and activities. Pie Ranch also works with educators and community collaborators in diverse urban, suburban and rural settings to help students apply what they’ve learned at Pie Ranch in their daily lives. In addition, Pie Ranch mentors aspiring farmers as resident apprentices who spend a full year immersed in all aspects of farm operations and marketing.

If anyone is interested, I think I am going to be coming to this event this month!

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